Monday, April 07, 2008

The Boss.

I am not one to turn down free concert tickets, especially if the performer happens to be the one and only BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.

Granted, I'm a little younger than the average Boss fan but Bruce, along with a myriad of other rock/folk songwriters, was a constant staple in our house growing up. I can belt out No Surrender, Born to Run, and I'm on Fire with the best (or at least the loudest) of 'em.

Chris is in San Fran currently so I was left to my own devices. The tickets were proffered this morning for tonight's concert at the Pond in Anaheim. Sweet!! Brianne and I went and had a fun time, despite being on the younger side, fan-wise.

Springsteen puts on a great concert; it was chock full of energy and his trademark rock songs but also had some of his more folksy (and my favorites) ballads. I would have preferred to have heard more of his "oldies" rather than the stuff off his new album but I suppose the band gets tired of playing those after a while. I highly recommend watching the first video (below). He still has the same enthusiasm, even after a 30 year career. (and check out how young Courtney Cox looks!)

Dancing in the Dark (First Video) (Yes folks, this is what sexy looks like (25 years ago!))
Born in the USA (Second Video)

I have to admit, it was a little strange watching performers that are more advanced in age than your average rock band kid. I loved the fact that he was rocking out and dancing across the stage; at the same time, I wouldn't have been offended if he took things a little slower. Singing isn't worth a heart attack. Also, I was just a bit embarrassed for some of his fans. It's one thing to be 18 years old and fainting when your favorite rock star pulls some Elvis moves. Its quite another thing to be 45 and groping the legs of Springsteen when he walks on by. Lady! Hands off! That guy is married! Yuck.