Thursday, May 15, 2008


A couple years ago I wrote the following lines in our Christmas letter: " Sonja continues to work as an environmental scientist... She continues to travel occasionally for work, usually to San Francisco and Arizona. She keeps hoping for a client that has work in Hawaii, Mexico or some other tropical locale." And it happened! We got a job in Waikiki and I got to go!!! I just got back this evening after spending four days in Honolulu. It was fun but let me be the first to tell you: Hawaii for work is not nearly as fun as Hawaii for vacation. Duh, I know. I worked my tail off and had about three hours total (over four days) to sightsee. That's what I get for not asking to spend a couple extra days over there. Anyway, the weather was lovely (It rained!! Gosh I miss rain), Waikiki is just a regular beach (nothing too spectacular), and I subsisted mostly on subway sandwiches and chocolate ice cream cones. And, in true nerdy fashion, I spent my free time (three hours on my first afternoon) checking out the Honolulu Zoo. It was cute, too. They had a great petting zoo. (CHRIS: We really need to get couple goats). I would post some pictures except that United Airlines lost my luggage (which had my camera connector cord). Typical. It's supposed to arrive tonight before, according to the website, 12:30 AM. Gee thanks.

Personally, I found Waikiki to be too crowded and looking a little tired. It could use a bit of a face lift. I didn't get to do the one thing that I was really looking forward to: tour Pearl Harbor. Maybe next time.

So, having read back over this post, it's not exactly the "Yay! I'm happy to be home but I had a lovely time in Hawaii!" post that I started out writing. I am glad to be home and I did have a lovely time in Hawaii but I'm tired, worried about my lost luggage, and in desperate need of a shower. Plus, poor Chris is in class tonight until late so I didn't get to see him when I walked in the door. And, I just got off the phone with my mother who told me that my Great Aunt Kay died yesterday. So, kind of a bummer day.

Really, I did have a fun time and I promise to post lots of lovely pictures (if and) when I get my camera cord back. And now, I'm off to take that desperately needed shower! Aloha!