Thursday, May 01, 2008

Goings On

Whew! What a day. I flew up to Oakland for an appointment at the Water Board. It was my first experience with Southwest Airlines, now that Alaska has stopped their commuter flights between Oakland and John Wayne. Southwest wasn't too bad, really. I don't understand why they don't bother to give you a seat assignment, given that they go to all the trouble to give you a specific 'line-up' number but I won't complain too much since I arrived on time and in one piece. I like the Oakland airport; it's easy to fly into and the rental car facility is clean and uncrowded. I was in downtown Oakland 40 minutes after I landed. Not too shabby. I caught a flight home this evening and arrived back at the casa with enough daylight to take Bails for a stroll.
It's cooled down a bit here (it was mid 90s when we got back from Belize) so it's pleasant in the evenings. Bailey had a nice dash after a feline that was hunting songbirds in the field; cats can move quickly when properly motivated. He [the cat] escaped without harm; hopefully we prevented some bird deaths as well today. Besides, Bails is looking a little chubby. He needs the exercise.
Thank goodness I don't have to deal with this every day.