Sunday, May 25, 2008


Mindy and I went to the LA Galaxy game last night. This is probably the last game for Beckham and Donovan before they get called up for their respective national teams. We were a bit worried as the Kansas City Wizards took an early lead but we came back in the second half to deliver a decisive smackdown. Donovan and Becks both had goals; Becks kicked his in practically from mid-field in the final seconds of the game. In all fairness, the Wizards had pulled their goal keep in the final minutes in an effort to tie the game; Becks definitively wouldn't have made that goal if the GK had been present.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy made all of their goals in the second half, which was when they were advancing on the opposite side of the field. They had a couple close ones though in the first half; here is one that we managed to get on tape:

We were sitting in the cheap seats (which were actually pretty darn good) with all the hard core futbol fans. We even got to practice our spanish soccer terms ( Mira! Mira! David tiene la pelota!GOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! Becks es perfecto!!!), and high-five our new-found friends. Overall, it was a great game. We'll be back for more.