Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday

Our little blog turns three years old this month!

Three years ago, Chris, in his first (and only!) blog post, put up the following picture (taken during a Christmas trip to Alaska) and this statement:

Hi everyone! We are creating this blog in order to keep all of our families and friends (as well as the occasional fan) informed of all our happenings. Enjoy!"

We had just moved into this house:
Were enjoying the company of visiting family:
and were (unsuccessfully) trying on wedding dresses
(photo caption: Get me out of here!):

Since that time, we have :

Acquired this Dog:
Gotten Married:
Celebrated Chris' five year anniversary at HighMark and Sonja's three year anniversary at Waterstone:
Have seen Greg graduate from college, and begin life as a successful engineer. Have seen (from afar) Megan graduate from high school and start life at UW. Next on the list: Alex's upcoming high school graduation and adventures in college.
Meanwhile, the parents have steadily worked towards retirement and have greatly enjoyed visiting their children in various parts of the world (ok, I'm guessing a bit on that last statement but I think it's true)

Who knows what the next three years will bring but we look forward to the adventure.