Sunday, May 18, 2008


The famed Waikiki Beach. I spent a hour eating lunch on the beach but then decided that it was more fun to go exploring.I mysteriously (yeah, right) ended up at the Honolulu Zoo. It was more exciting than I had expected. There were probably about 25 people in the entire was pretty quiet.

A White Handed Gibbon

This guy sniffed my camera. Hello porky.

Actually, the petting zoo was almost my favorite part of the zoo. It was great.
Africa here we come! I got in the mood by spending most of my time in the savanna portion of the zoo.

The hippos are always my favorite. I'm fascinated by the fact that these rotund animals can be such graceful swimmers.

So, yeah. That was the extent of the 'fun' portion of my business trip. Next time I'll try to tackle Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor.