Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pepe is in da house...no more

Well, the tale of Pepe the skunk has come to a close. Most people deal with skunks by setting out poison. Thankfully, we have a very kind-hearted admin director at Waterstone and she found a company that will capture your pesky skunk and release it in a nice skunky environment, somewhere far, far away from the office.

I was able to capture Pepe's last few moments of freedom on tape, thanks to a very nice zoom lens on my work camera.

Here is the play-by-play:

Yum!! I smell cat food!

I'd better go investigate!

SNAP!!! Help, I'm trapped! And that damn door closed on my tail!! Let me out or I'll spray the heck out of this place!!

Oh, I forgot about the nice, tasty cat food in here. I'll put that spraying on hold for a moment while I chow down.

So, that was the end of Pepe at Waterstone. Personally, I voted for getting him de-glanded and keeping him as the office pet but I found out that it's technically not legal to own skunks in California. There seem to be a lot of things you can't own down here: Skunks, ferrets, chickens (in Santa Ana, at least).

Thankfully, Pepe was a pretty chill skunk and he didn't spray anyone (or any thing), even when our pest control guy came to pick him up.