Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bike to Work Month

At the beginning of May I mentioned that my papa was participating in Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike to Work Month. He was part of a 10-person Boeing Team called Sterna Paradisaea, the scientific name for the Arctic Tern, the bird with the longest known migration. From the very beginning, this collection of crazy bikers decided to gun for a first place finish. On their best day, they logged a collective 619 miles, thanks to one team member’s 140-mile contribution. Dad rode to work 23 days in the month of May, his round trip average approximately 50 miles. They stayed strong until the very end, despite a few medical mishaps (note the team member with the brace on her leg) and poor weather conditions. Collectively, they logged over 10,000 miles. Although the results are still unofficial, they held off the second place Microsoft team by approximately 85 miles. Congratulations and well done!

Here are the individual Sterna team member stats (double click to enlarge).

Update: Normally you can typically double click on the photo to enlarge it but I'm having trouble doing that with the first two (but not the third). I have these images saved on my computer at work so I'll have to try and remedy the situation when I get in tomorrow morning.
Overall rankings (by team). Notice that there were over 1,000 participating teams:

Overall individual rankings. Papa (T. Dorrance) came in 9th out of 10,000 riders:

And here is the contest winner for best team name:

Asha - Wheels of Change
DB Cooper Search and Rescue Team
Axles of Evil
No Teacher Left Behind (the Steering Wheel) (My personal favorite)
Out Spoken
Blisterin Bolts of Spoked Celerity
Gang Green
Sterna Paradisaea