Thursday, June 05, 2008

Outdoor Cats

What an ingenious idea! This couple has created a 'cat run' so their feline pets can enjoy the outdoors while protecting both the cats and the neighborhood bird population. I guess it was prompted by the untimely demise of one of their pets at the hands of a local coyote.

Read the full article here. More pictures of the cat run can be found here.

I feel badly, on occasion, because I come across to most folks as 'anti-cat'. I actually like cats; however, I've been extremely disappointed when owners allow their felines to wander into other people's yards. I've lost a number of beloved birds and goldfish to our current neighbor's collection of cats. And, I really hate finding cat poop in my vegetable garden. I don't let my dog poo in their garden, how is ok for their cats to leave nasty presents in mine? I love cats, indoor cats.

My parents had a neighbor who could have used a cat run. I looked out the window one early Christmas morning to see a coyote bringing home holiday brunch in the form of our neighbor Holly's cat. What's more, our dog was later accused of dispatching the feline. Personally, I rather like coyotes. They add a bit of excitement to the neighborhood.

Good article, LA Times