Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo 'O the Day

Photo of the day
(the pumpkin plants that are no longer happily growing in my garden)


  1. What happened to them?

  2. Last October we had a pumpking carving party and all the pumking guts (including the seeds) went into the worm bin. Pumpkin seeds are pretty tough and take a while to break down in a compost pile. I used compost from the worm bin as the base layer for my vegetable garden this year. On top of that I put about 6 inches of regular soil. Evidently, these pumpkin 'volunteers' were still viable and pushed through 6 inches of top soil to reach the surface. Pumpkins can turn into giants and I didn't want them growing in the middle of my lettuce patch so I pulled this up and gave them the boot.

  3. oh, obviously pumpkin isn't spelled with a 'g' on the end. I guess that's what I get for typing too quickly...