Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Road Trippin

Chris and I took a (very, very) quick trip up to Seattle last weekend. We were driving the faithful Subaru up to Seattle, prior to it being shipped up to Anchorage. We also put the BMW motorbike in the back, no small feat. Many thanks to Andrew for lending his back and his nifty roller things (we were stylin' like the pyramid-building Egyptians) to heave the bike into the car.

We left on Friday, spent the night in the lovely city of Redding, CA, took a quick stop in Salem, Oregon (See photos, below), and made it up to seattle with enough time to celebrate Greg's birthday that night. Whew! On Sunday, we celebrated my grandpa's 97th birthday, unloaded the bike (thank you Tom, Chris and Eric), and spent a couple hours with Greg and Katherine. Then we hopped on a plane and headed back to Santa Ana. Like I said, it was a quick trip!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

My Nana.
Yum! Birthday cream puffs!
(They were a huge hit with Grandpa)My uncle Bill and cousin Jesse at the celebratory brunch.
Chris, mom and dad.
Hey! This place looks familiar!! This was my sophomore year dorm at Willamette. I lived with Melissa on the first floor while a couple friends lived in upper right-hand corner room on the third floor. In fact, I distinctly recall having various objects lobbed out of that window at me while walking to class on various occasions. Fun times.

The building where I lived for much of my junior and senior years...
Peter, my old housemate, was kind enough to let us invade his home and spend a hour having lunch and keeping us up to date on the latest news. It's been almost two years since I was last on campus so it was nice to cruise around and see the changes.

Right....Driving past this burning house was practically the highlight of the trip. (It's a really long road, especially going through the great valley)

I always forget that Oregon allows three tractor trailers instead of the 'normal' two. Oh, and that you're not allowed to pump your own gas. Chris remembered that only after the gas pump guy had to take the nozzle away from him in Roseburg.
Bailey Road! Oh, we missed the beast
(but he was well taken care of in our absence).

Good lord, gas is expensive.