Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Activities

I wish Bailey would do this...but no. He looks at it, might pick it up once or twice and then the game is over. Now, if I was throwing live ducks, on the other hand, that would be an entirely different story. That guy is a sucker for chasing things that quack.

The bike race. This was the pro class. We also saw the masters and women's racing. Wow, those women were ripped. It was awesome.

FYI: Yes, that is my thumb in the picture and no, that is not me yelling "Keep It Sexy". That honor belongs to some bimbo Rock Racing Groupie. Nice timing sweetie, thanks. Chris and I were wondering exactly what "keep it sexy" was supposed to convey. Keep up the good work, maybe? Frankly, 'keeping it sexy' would't be my highest priority when spending 80 minutes racing around a 2-mile track in 105 degree weather. Maybe "hang on for dear life and don't pass out' would be a better goal.