Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bailey in Boots

We went camping a couple weeks ago and Bailey burned the bottoms of his feet walking along the paved campground road. He was pretty lame the next day and clearly in a lot of pain (Thank you Cherie for those magical doggie pain pills). I have a feeling that we're going to be enduring another hot summer and since our daily walk is approximately 3 miles (most of it on pavement) I figured it was time to break out the booties. Dog booties, that is. Bailey hasn't worm them for a while so we went for a test walk. These videos don't do a good job of illustrating just how clumsy he is initially but it was the best I could do under the circumstances. He got the hang of 'em by the second video and sounds like a horse (with horseshoes on) when he gallops by.


  1. I just read this blog entry...hilarious! Love the videos. I've been seriously considering doggie boots for my dog, especially for winter; she loves snow but obviously experiences uncomfortably frozen paws. I have a feeling it will take quite some time to convince her they will help, not hinder, playing in the snow.

  2. I think dog booties would be great in the snow. Not only do they insulate from the chill, but they'd prevent ice from forming between their paws which has proved quite painful for our dogs, on occasion.

    Dog boots can be very useful, depending on the design. They're pretty expensive but this is an item where it's best to spend the money and buy a good quality pair. There are a lot of crappy models out there. It's also best to acclimate your dog to the boots before you attempt a serious expedition. Also, if you put them on before a 'fun' activity (a walk or hike), they'll learn to associate the boots with a good activity. Every time I get Bailey's backpack down from his shelf he goes ballistic because it means we're going hiking (his favorite activity). As for brands, we've bought most of our dog gear at REI. They carry a brand called ruff wear ( which has some good stuff. We have one of their backpacks and a cold weather coat from them. It's durable and field-tested (and not the least bit froufrou!). His boots are by Granite Gear which are good but shop around a bit as I know that several companies (including Ruff Wear) have come out with some new models. Good luck!