Sunday, August 24, 2008

hot, Hot, HOT!!!

We got a bit too cocky this morning and slept in until 8:00, forgetting that the southland heats up pretty quickly after the sun comes up. To make matters worse, my hiking pace is indirectly proportional to the outside ambient temperature. Cool temperatures=brisk walk; sunny and hot=crawl/dragging of limbs. Same goes for Bails. Chris was worried that he was going to have to carry us both down the mountain.

To keep myself occupied on the way up, I mentally scrolled through descriptors of my current situation. Here is the short list: broiling, steamy, parched, dessicated, exhausted, sweaty (sadly, I'm not one of those girls that 'glow'. I stream sweat), tired, dragging, dizzy, faint ....clearly, the list goes on. Fortunately we gained the top just as I was running out of words.Thankfully, Bailey was feeling my pain; it's nice to have a fellow commiserator*. He stayed like this for the entire ride home. I would have thought him dead if not for the vast quantities of saliva streaming from his gullet. Think I'm joking? Check out the blanket around his mouth; it's soaked.
*I'm not sure that the word commiserator is an actual word but I think most people will grasp the intended meaning. Yes? No? Maybe?