Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Activities

Nothing too exciting happening in the J household this weekend. We went for a short jaunt in Weir Canyon Regional Park. The area was badly burned last October during the rash of wildfires down here. We had tried going in January but it was closed due to unstable slopes and an extensive habitat restoration effort. Almost a year later, things were looking better. Fire evidence is still apparent but new growth is also evident.
I'm still mystified by this plant. I think the yellow version of the fruit is the end product but I'm not completely certain.

As you can see, things are still looking rather blackened. The groundcover hasn't yet grown in yet, either.
The requisite photos of our darling pooch.

Hard to believe by looking at this picture, but it's 88 degrees out. Taken at around 9 am this morning. And yes, we're the cutest couple, ever.
Some new growth
After our hike it was off to the farmer's market in Irvine and the library. Unfortunately, Chris has to work both days this weekend so we won't be embarking on any fantastically exciting adventures. That's ok; things have been busy lately and I think we could both use a lazy weekend. I'm just sorry that he has to spend them at work. School starts up for him next week too so this is the beginning of a busy fall.
Zee Irvine Farmer's Market
I promise, this is the last post regarding beetles (except for the video I might post later this weekend). All twelve were successfully released yesterday.