Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Less Hairy

Every once in a blue moon I get tired of long hair. I should have had my mom cut it when I was back in Seattle but it slipped my mind. Come to think about it, I could have had Cherie do it too since she proved herself to be an expert hairdresser when we lived in Anchorage. Chris volunteered but while I trust him completely with numerous things, I was a little hesitate to submit to his untested hair cutting abilities.



  1. funny girl! I had super long hair for me a couple of month ago and it was time for a trim, so I headed over to see Marty with Frank. I sat down in the chair and instead of saying just take off the ends I think I said a couple of inches which I thought wasn't to much. Marty must have been super happy with what I said because I came out with shoulder length hair after having gone in with middle of my back hair. yes, it is all super healthy but man! i felt like a shorn sheep! Marty also made me promise a couple of years ago never to cut Frank's hair again and Frank also had to promise not to cut my hair. Leave it up to the professionals!

  2. Yeah, I don’t cut Chris’ hair anymore either. I did it for a while when all it required was a pair of clippers. I think I can do a pretty respectable buzz cut. He looked pretty darn cute, too, in my humble opinion. Of course, now that he’s going for the ‘professional business person’ look, he trundles off to supercuts once a month. They do a decent job. Part of me thinks it’s silly to have mine done professionally, when both my mother and mother-in-law do a great job. Plus the price is right. I don’t have a fancy-pancy hair cut, either, so it only takes about 15 minutes. It’s just a matter of cornering them when they’re down visiting.

  3. I don't do fancy either and I have always equated haircuts like other people do when they go to the dentist. I have had some very bad haircuts done and lived through them. Marty however is cheap, easy going and doesn't try and talk you into anything! Plus I bring him baked goods so that always sweetens the deal!