Monday, October 20, 2008

Tired. So Tired.

Boy, this has been a long week and it's only Monday. I'm on weekend/regular work right now which is pretty rare for our company. It makes for a long day (12+ hrs in the field). Honestly though, I'm glad for the hours; with our economy going through a rough patch, the alternative (no work) isn't very appealing. That sentiment seemed to be shared by most of my fellow site workers so nobody was too down in the dumps about working on the weekend. There were a number of people that were bummed about missing the Sunday football games however...

On a slightly related note, Chris and I are entering our second month of our Buy-Almost-Nothing Challenge. It's been both fun and enlightening. And it's been a bit of a morale booster since we've been seeing our 401(k)s nosediving, thanks to recent stock market activities.

And today's big sleep challenge: I'm going to try and stay awake past 8 pm tonight. I only made it to 7:50 pm last night....

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