Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Photo O' the Day: Snow Person

So I'm quickly discovering that there are a few perks to being unemployed: free time, for one. Dad did the actual snowman construction last night but I had time today to play plastic surgeon and add the features. I also did a few hairplugs.
Of course, not having a steady paycheck is a rather serious down-side of this whole unemployment thing. Puts a bit of a damper on one's enjoyment of the forced leisure time.

I've tentatively titled this piece: "Snowlady on Crack" or perhaps "Bad Hair Day"
That thing around her neck (made out of beet greens) is supposed to be a fuzzy sort of scarf. Like this.
Hmmm. Which nose is better?
Let's examine the profile:

Most definitely the second one has a better side profile but has a rather unusual twist which makes for an unfortunate front view.