Friday, January 30, 2009

Question of the Day: Being Green with Kids?

Seen on a Greenwood Avenue car the other day
In our world today, is it possible to be 'green' but still have children? At the moment, it's hip to have an ecofriendly outlook (prius? cloth grocery bags? organic garden? check.) but many would argue that producing a future American consumer is hardly environmentally friendly. As a possible future 'breeder', should I even be saving my plastic bags? My generation is facing population issues that weren't on the table 25 years ago.
On a related note, this is an exceptionally interesting article on couples that are waiting to have children due to the economic downturn. Be sure to read to the very end as I thought the bit about Jennifer Gniadecki's outlook on life was quite interesting. And of course, you can catch up on the latest drama in the world of excessive numbers of children being born at one time: See Octuplets article.