Thursday, January 29, 2009

St. Edwards State Park

People have been asking me lately: "How is the job search going? Are you bored out of your mind yet?". Well, the job search is on-going, which is to be expected, given the economy. As for the second question, "Nope, not bored at all". Maybe it's an only child thing; I had to occupy myself while growing up (invisible friends aside), this is just an extension of all that free time. I do a lot of book reading, strolling through the zoo, and hiking in St. Edwards. Bailey isn't so thrilled with the first two activities but he was delighted to join me for a jaunt in the park across the lake. For those of you in Seattle looking for a quick day hike that is close to the city, I highly recommend trekking over to St. Edward State Park. It's lovely.

I have a very minor complaint about our hike. I was walking along the trail, thinking that I was completely alone in the forest, only to turn around and discover a runner not three feet in back of me. I was quite surprised; in fact, I nearly bailed off the edge of trail. Had she been an axe murderer, I'd been toast. Incidents like that are especially embarrassing if one is given to conversing with one's dog. [You have to talk to someone, after all]. When coming up on a hiker, I typically do a fake cough or drag my feet a bit, just to give them a warning that I'm approaching. She would have probably felt quite horrible had I fallen down the hill, after jumping backwards (and off the trail) from the shock of her sudden appearance.

Here we are down at the water engaging in some good stick throwing action [above] and trying to pinpoint my parents' house across the lake [below].
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