Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog of Note

There are a million blogs out there and it's tough to decide which few to regularly read. We are profoundly grateful that you choose to peruse our blog, despite the fact that it is occasionally overly devoted to the activities of one particular mutt.

Lately I've been enjoying the musings of a smalltown welsh farmer who blogs about goats, cheese, and homemade ice cream, three subjects that are near and dear to my heart at this particular moment. If any of those subjects appeal to you, perhaps you'd like to check out the blog: The Little Funny Farm Dairy. I've also added it to our blogroll, at right.
(photo credit here.)


  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Hi there, Chris & Sonja -

    greetings from sunny South-West Wales(UK),from the mad menagerie at LittleFfarm Dairy.

    Really glad you're enjoying our Blog - & very flattered to be posted as your 'Blog of Note!'

    We've been really busy over the last couple of weeks, however I'm just writing some catchup posts; hope you enjoy them. I must say we've also been thoroughly entertained by your Blog, too; especially the lovely photos of your gorgeous Bailey...! What a wonderful dog.

    Best wishes,

    Jo, Tony & Ffarm Fach menagerie.

  2. Hi Jo and Tony,

    Just read through some of your newest posts; I have been really enjoying the ice cream discussions as we are very fond of making homemade ice cream and find that good ingredients really make or break the flavor.

    Thanks again for bringing both your lovely pictures and commentary to the blogging world!