Monday, March 09, 2009

Photo O' the Day: What are YOU looking at?

As a teenager, I used to think my nose was about the length of this guy's beak. Now, while not especially fond of my schnoz, it doesn't cause the same amount of excitement as it did in my 15 year old life. "OMG, there is a zit on the end of my nose! It looks like the Eiffel Tower. That's it. No school for me today*."
Photo, by they way, taken at the National Zoo. If, by chance, you have a chance to visit DC, forget the monuments and the museums. Go to the zoo. It rocks. Not only do they have world class exhibits, but their focus on species behavior studies and repopulation efforts of endangered species to their native habitats is truly commendable (and one of the main purposes of zoos, besides providing educational opportunities). And I only yelled at one person for tapping on an exhibit's glass. The old zookeeper in me is slow dying.
*ok, I wasn't really that bad; I think my mom would have killed me if I'd used that as a getting-out-of-school excuse.