Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photo O' the Day: What are YOU looking at? (Part II)

Hmm, I'm detecting a proboscis theme here. I'll do my best to refrain from posting any more nose pictures. In case you hadn't guessed, more pictures from the National Zoo and a very obliging box turtle.

I have great respect for the sharp end of a turtle. In college I was the lab tech in the behavioral biology lab. I had three turtles under my care, including a rather small and stoic snapping turtle. Now, most northwest folks don't know much about snapping turtles but any southerner worth their salt can tell you that a snapping turtle has a jaw like a steel trap. They'll eat just about anything. I didn't get a picture of the Zoo's snapping turtle so photos of this friendly little box turtle will have to suffice. The Willamette snapper spent most of his time laying in wait for unsuspecting goldfish that would meander by his lair. Judging by the ease at which he snapped them into pieces, I was especially careful when reaching into his den, given that my fingers (short, stubby, and pink) looked rather goldfish-like.

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  1. First off...I love the first picture. Too cute.

    Second...I once caught a snapping turtle on a fishing rod in Pennsylvania. I was eating cookies and had a handful and all of a sudden my line started going like crazy. My Uncle Jack came over to help me and we pulled it in. That sucker was HUGE!!!! cousin Brad (who is at least a good 10 years older than me) had caught a snapping turtle with his dad in that lake when he was a kid. Hmmm...same turtle? There is a picture of Brad and his dad with the turtle (his dad is my Uncle Jack), and there is a picture of my Uncle Jack and I with the turtle.

    Needless to say he was kind of in a residential community to so to keep him safe we relocated him to the "wild" so no one would get hurt...including the turtle.