Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photos O' the Day: SCIENCE IS FUN!

Aunt Karin (aka Mom), my cousin Jesse, and I trucked over to the Pacific Science Center to check out the Lucy exhibit last weekend. It was well done and I was disappointed that it failed to generate significant revenue for the center. I went in thinking that the exhibit would mostly appeal to the congregation but was surprised to hear a kid next to me tell his buddies that 'this monkey stuff is pure trash'. Evidently he wasn't a convert to the alter of evolution. His copatriots were less inclined to pass decisive judgement; perhaps there is hope for our youth afterall. OMG, I'm talking about 'the youth' like I no longer count myself among their numbers. At the ancient age of 28? No...that can't be. Let's revise that statement: Perhaps there is hope for our generation, afterall. There, that's better.
And, of course, we couldn't visit PSC without visiting the bug section, my very favorite!! Jesse also checked out the water cannon exhibit.

It was a good day.