Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seattle Free School

Last night I went to a workshop on raising chickens, taught by the Seattle Free School. This was my second SFS workshop; in February the madre and I went to a class on beekeeping. For those of you in the Seattle area, you should mosey on over to their website and check out their classes. They just had a workshop on homemade bread and I hear that cheese making classes have been offered previously. It's a great concept, the price is right, and you can learn lots of exciting stuff about chickens (bees, bread, etc). We're pumped; we're going to get our chicks at the end of April!
A few tidbits that I learned last night:

  • The eggs you buy in the grocery store are old...really old. Weeks, sometimes even months old.

  • That said, eggs, without refrigeration, can last up to a year.

  • How do you tell if an egg is bad? Stick it in a glass of water. Floating egg = BAD. Sinking egg = GOOD. I guess a decomposing (read: BAD) egg lets off gasses that will result in a floater egg.

photo image here.