Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Washington DC

Part of the reason I haven't put up my DC pictures is I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the task and bit underwhelmed by my photos. I took pictures because I thought it was important to document our visit to our country's capitol; that said, I don't really like photos of landmarks that everyone has seen a million times and frankly, DC, while a very nice city, looks a lot like other cities in the winter: a bit bland. Perhaps I'm not a very creative photographer, but I wasn't exactly inspired by my photos.
So, I'm going to post a few select photos over the next few day, skipping the Lincoln Memorial shots and other, hugely significant but frequently photographed locations/monuments. Don't know what the Lincoln Memorial looks like? Well, shame on you (if you're an American) and secondly, here is a nice photo. You're on your own, though, for finding photos of the Washington and Jefferson Monuments, in addition to the Vietnam Memorial. Google it, folks.