Friday, April 03, 2009

For the Seattlelites: PCC Cooks

Last night I went to my very first cooking class taught by Lynne Vea at the Redmond PCC Natural Market. It was exceptional. Truly exceptional and so much fun. I attended the basic Poultry and Meat class and was rewarded with a knife skills tutorial, tips on chosing meats, food safety guidelines, and preparation techniques. We made an excellent Thai red curry with chicken and basil, a grilled flank steak with a Portobello-Parmesan stuffing, and a succulent Moroccan pomegranate lamb. Yummy! I'd attend another class taught by Lynne in a heartbeat. She was clear, concise, and very open to questions. Her knowledge of cultural cuisines was extensive and I found her spices tutorial especially informative. For those of you that gag at the thought of lamb, flank steak and chicken (I'm talking to you, you vegetarians!), there are a million other classes offered by PCC, all designated by their usage of poultry, meat, seafood and dairy products. I can't speak to the classrooms in the other PCCs, but our kitchen was equipped with cameras that were positioned directly over the cutting board and stove, so we could watch the detailed techniques. It was great. Sign me up for seconds!

[photo: PCC]