Friday, April 10, 2009


So, it would be perfectly reasonable to question why I ended up with so much purple paint on my knees and legs after my bee box painting session a couple of days ago. Perfectly reasonable. And fortunately, there is a perfectly reasonable answer. Picture this: I'm sitting on the bottom step in the walkway, wearing shorts (Yes! It was warm enough to wear shorts!) and the bee boxes are propped up in front of me on crates (At knee level). I'm using a roller to spread the paint onto the boxes. Rollers are messy. They send little bits of paint flying in all directions, which accounts for most of the splatters on my knee. And those big purple streaks? Um, well, first of all, in my defense, remember that I forgot that it was oil based paint (very difficult to remove) and second of all, I didn't have a rag handy so when I had an itch on my nose I had to wipe the paint off my fingers somewhere before giving the schnoz a good scratch. Hence the long, finger-sized streak around my knee region. A perfectly respectable answer, no? THANK GOD FOR GOOP, it is my new best friend.