Sunday, April 26, 2009


Another quick update:

-We should have internet by Tuesday. Whoohoo! I can't wait.
-Owning an old house is proving to be interesting. So far we have snaked a stubborn kitchen sink, torn out a toilet (and have not yet replaced it), put up a temporary fence for Bailey, and discovered two tables, two BBQs, and numerous milk jugs and flower pots hidden under a bed of ivy in what was once an old green house.
-Discovered a family of raccoons in our old maple tree (this drives Bailey nuts)
As for the bees,
we had our one-week inspection today. It was a little cool so it was a short perusal. Both hives appear to be doing well, with lots of small eggs, laying in their individual cells. We saw one queen and she appeared to be in fine form. I promise that I will have a long post about the bees once we get internet to the house.
We are enjoying the company of Greg and Katherine for the next couple weeks; they made it home safely from their grand Asian adventure and they're recuperating a bit in Seattle (and seeing friends and family) before heading up to Alaska. Tonight Megan and Eric will be coming over as well and we'll get to see a slideshow of their trip. Ok, off to unload the last of the furniture.