Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Soo... this is hard to type, but, here it goes: We're moving. Again. Back down to Southern California. There are a million reasons why we decided to move back to Cali that I don't particularly want to discuss on this blog, but frankly, as flimsy as a reason as this sounds, we can't stand the weather up here in Seattle. It sucks. Big time. Every morning I look out the window and, surprise, it's raining. AGAIN. I'm wearing so many layers right now that I look like the North Face version of a bag lady. To find my belly button I would have to dig through four layers of wool, polypro, and my fuzzy fleece.

Anyway, sorry to all the folks up here in Seattle (especially my parents). It was great being close to you but once again you'll have a warm place to visit when you need to flee the nasty Washington winters! We never actually unpacked our stuff from the POD so it'll be pretty easy to move. We'll be staying with Mindy (thanks Min!) while we look for a house (it's a great time to buy in Orange County) so Bailey and Echo will have tons of fun hanging out.

So that's the big news. I don't have a lot more to say at this point. We're looking to move down at the end of April so we'll be around for a couple more weeks, at the very least.

Sonja and Chris