Thursday, April 02, 2009

Photo O' the Day: Slurpin' Soup

One of the nice things about living with my parents is that I've had an opportunity to grill my mom about her soups. She makes fabulous soups. Since, we are (at least for now) resigned to living in cold and wet Seattle, I figure that I'd best learn how to concoct some rib stickin', body-warming soups. Or become an alcoholic. Right now I'm going to go with the former, although the later is still a possibility, down the road. Last week we made a chicken, vegetable, noodle and barley soup with homemade bread. Well, it would have been a chicken, vegetable, noodle and barley soup, except that SOMEONE forgot the barley. The one thing I'd like to practice cooking. Otherwise, the soup was awesome. So awesome that I'm having it for dinner tonight, and tomorrow night and the day after....That's what happens when you make four gallons worth.