Thursday, May 07, 2009

just letting off a little steam...

4. Four. IV. Cuatro. Quatre. Vier.

The number of times my grandmother has called me today wondering where the $*!@& is the box of Kleenex that I was supposed to bring her. My mother is on vacation in Arizona. Consequently, I have become the de facto 'go to' person for my grandmother when she needs things. Clearly, she needs her box of Kleenex RIGHT NOW. It was only yesterday that she called to tell me that she was out. I told her that I would be happy to go to the store and pick her up a box on Kleenex today. My mistake was not telling her exactly (down to the minute) when I would be arriving.

So. Two things:

1) My mother is a living saint. How does she deal with this all day? She should be canonized immediately. Forget John Paul II, my mom is way more saintly.
2) I don't want to live to be 93 years old. Read the article posted below.