Monday, May 11, 2009

More Week 3 Beekeeping

Here is another photo from our week 3 hive checkup. Please note that we do not have three boxes of frames on each hive; the box at the very top is only serving to protect the hive top feeder and is filled with insulating newspaper.
Here is also a bit of a puzzle. I shot this photo a week ago of a bee resting on the hive upon her return from a foraging trip. Honeybees collect pollen and transport it back to the hive by stuffing the pollen into their leg pouches; however, to my inexperienced eye, this ball doesn't look like the 'normal' pollen-filled pouch. I expect it to look more like this (not my photo):
Any suggestions/comments regarding this peculiar pollen ball would be greatly appreciated!!
Photo: here.