Monday, May 25, 2009

Visit with the Fam

Huh. I realized we went through the entire weekend without taking many actual pictures of family members. I did get lots of chicken pictures, though. Cherie, please send me your photos!!!

Here is Phoebe, looking sleepy (or comatose) while hanging out with Megan and Cherie

Bob and Cherie stayed with us for a few days this weekend as their lovely Alaska cruise deposited them in our close proximity. I hope they had as much fun staying with us as we did having them. We went for a nice jaunt over to St. Edward's State Park, toured the Redhook Brewery in Redmond, and celebrated Chris' birthday. Bob and Chris talked home repair while Cherie, Megan, and I enjoyed the sun and took the chicks for some outdoor play time.
We miss you. Please come back soon!
Update: Thanks for catching that typo, Chris. Earlier I had stated that we went over to St. Matthew's State Park. Clearly, I'm getting my saints confused. Here is a neat (and rather glum) article about the current state of the former St. Edward Seminary.