Thursday, June 18, 2009

House Pictures

At long last, here are a few pictures of the casa. Please forgive the fact that we don't have any artwork on the wall; this is [one of many] tasks scheduled for this weekend. Picture rails are a new thing for us; I'm used to grabbing a hammer and pounding a nail into the wall but evidently you can't do that with lath and plaster wall structures.

Here is the Living Room. Furniture is still being moved around so it'll probably look different when you come for a visit (hint, hint). So far, the best thing has been the amount of sunlight that pours into this room every morning. I sit on the couch, check email, and soak it in. Plus, I can keep tabs on Bailey since he usually goes out on the front porch after breakfast to supervise passing foot and paw traffic on the street below. Double click on picture to enlarge.
And here is our lovely Dining Room, also sans artwork. Funny, our table didn't look so small in our Santa Ana house but here is looks midget-sized. Put the leaf in though and this room (and table) and comfortably fit eight or more.
Here is a 'long shot' of both the Living and Dining Rooms, they flow together quite nicely, I think. Note the period chandelier. I'm guessing 1960s, perhaps.

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