Thursday, June 25, 2009

More House Pictures

We're slowly getting the house in order. Here is our latest project: The Office.

We got the bookcases installed last weekend and have been stacking and organizing. We're trying not to get too buried under the mountain of paperwork that goes along with obtaining a house. We're not done here; we're still missing most of our electronic components and have [like the rest of the house] not tackled the hanging of art. Picture rails are a new thing for us.
BUT!! There was a lone hook in the office. Look what we hung up first! Of course, Megan has had her's up for ages...but at least I now know what day it is.
And, of course, no room would be complete without my nifty [read: cheap] disposal system. My young cousin is really the only person that bothered to look at the signage [ahem, Bob. jk]; it was very gratifying to see that Jesse appreciated my system.
So, for those of you that visit: Garbage, Shred & Recycle. Got it?! :)
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  1. The office looks great - love the bookcases on either side of the window!

  2. What a lovely home!!! I am really enjoying seeing all of the pictures. How does a picture rail work? You've got me wondering now.

    I also like your bags. I want to do cans with chalkboard paint on them but here we have to use plastic bags for our curb stuff so maybe when we live somewhere else. (And when we have a bigger garage.) Keep the pictures coming! I'm really enjoying them.

  3. Thank you, we're having so much fun with it. And getting used to the chores that go along with owning an old house!

    Many houses that have lath and plaster walls have picture rails because you can't go around pounding nails into the wall; they'll crack and turn into a huge, expensive mess. Pictures rails are essentially pieces of crown molding that have been applied to the walls about 8 feet up. From the rails (which are wood), you can hang a hook and hook pictures onto them. Complicated but it works. :)