Monday, July 20, 2009

Dogs, Chickens, and Plants

Still getting the hang of the new camera. And trying to remember things like aperture and f-stop. Here are a few photos from last week's 'photo shoot':There is a fungus amongus!
Bailey was scheduled for a bath, an event that ranks up there with toenail cutting and ear cleaning on his list of least favorite grooming activities. Really? I have to have a bath? Are you sure?Fine. Just don't get it on my face. I may be clean but that doesn't mean I'm happy with the situation.

The chickens seem to be in the midst of determining the final pecking order. There have been lots of stand offs, flapping wings, and this strange, open-beak posturing.

Or maybe they're just dehydrated and need some water.

Isn't Winnie just the most photogenic chicken that you've ever seen?

I mean, seriously, how could you not love that face? She's beautiful. Eh. well, maybe not so beautiful from this angle. The half-bald thing isn't really her best look.