Monday, August 17, 2009

All Things Chicken

Spent the weekend doing outdoor chicken stuff. Finished building the run (still needs to be painted) and started in on the framing for the garden shed/chicken coop. We've had a bit of trouble getting started on the shed; the thought of building something so large was a bit intimidating. But we fortified ourselves with a trip to Home Depot and the fact that we're under the gun: The shed must be finished by the time we leave for Africa.

As official "First Pet", Bailey got first dibs at trying out the chicken run.

He graciously allowed the chickies to follow him in. And then he quickly left the premises. He's not a fan of cages and crates.

Megan and Eric helped us move the run into place. Well, Eric and Chris moved the run into place. Megan and I supervised.

Unfortunately, I can't say that the girls were too impressed with their new digs.

They walked in, looked around, noted an absence of bugs and leaf litter, and headed toward the door. They were highly offended when they found said door to be shut and locked.

They're used to the free range life style and like Bailey, don't care much for cages, evidently.

But I have faith that they'll adore their coop. I'm so excited about it that I just might move in myself. Well, not really. But Bailey might find himself out there if he keeps waking me up in the wee morning hours with a wet nose in the face.

And that, pretty much, was our weekend. We had one of our more entertaining Family nights on Thursday with a rousing game of Monopoly. I would love to say that Megan and I crushed the boys. In fact, I was thinking of saying that on the blog, just to see if they'd notice. But...we lost. Big time. The guys pretty much cleaned up. Not to worry, we'll beat their pants off this week since Cranium is on the agenda. You should be very afraid, gentlemen.
We're going to shake up Family nights a bit this fall with tours of the Theo Chocolate Factory (well, the girls are. The boys will be left at home) and a Sounders game. Plus, Megan will likely be moving into a house so I've invited myself over for movie nights. Oh, did I forget to tell you that Megan? Sorry. BTW, I'm coming over for movie nights. Just so you know. :)