Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In Focus: Quinton

I am of the opinion that Quinton and Maia (the children of my godparents/very close family friends) are two of the most photogenic kids on the planet. That opinion is completely unbiased, of course. Here is a series of Quinton from a few nights ago. The boys were trying to see who could throw cherries into the air and catch them in their mouths. Typical boy things. I tend to avoid Quinton as best I can when cherries enter the equation* but it made for great action shots and was impossible to keep my distance.

Here is the throw
The careful positioning of the body and the opening wide of the mouth
And the bobble. So close!
*I don't believe I ever detailed the excitement at our wedding when a young ring bearer Quinton (with a fellow ring bearer accomplice) decided to use the bride (me) and groom for target practice. The ammo? Ripe cherries. I can tell you from experience that red cherry juice doesn't look so great on white silk wedding gowns. But now, a few years later, we're able to have a good laugh about the whole episode and besides, what else am I going to talk about during the toasts at his wedding?!