Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was nothing but chicken coop, all the time. And maybe a few good naps thrown in for good measure. We are making PROGRESS, people! Slow progress. But we are mighty proud of ourselves, nonetheless. Chris and I are still startled by our ability to nail boards together and have the end result resemble something good. And relatively plumb too. This is a new thing for us. At the very least, it's quite a learning experience. For example, last weekend we learned that a nail gun makes everything better. And avoids hammered thumbs. We like the nail gun.

This weekend we measured for windows and built the first side stud wall.
The chickens approved.

Winnie is getting some coloring on her face. Our little girl is growing up.
Bailey, not to be outdone by the ladies, decided to mount an attack on the chicken run. He ushered them out the door and then took up residence.

Moved right in, he did.
He made himself quite comfortable in the newly laid bedding.
Very comfortable.

Until I evicted him. And then he pouted. But he got the last laugh.

Because he managed to take a large chunk of his new digs with him. And smeared it on the carpet.