Saturday, September 12, 2009


My best friend is getting married today.
M and I met in August of 1999, we both signed up for a Willamette University white water rafting adventure; a program designed to introduce students to each other before the start of fall semester. We also were on the same floor of Belknap Dorm. My roommate and I weren't soul mates so I spent most of my freshman year at M's place. We both enjoyed hiking, eating, and talking. She was religious, liked football, and was a very good student. I hated football. And religion.
But we grew on each other: I can now tolerate football and I assisted in her conversion from crazy right wing to [moderately] crazy left wing. Yes, yes, thankyouverymuch.
But we learned some things too. For example: We do not live well together. Ahem. Sophomore year.
But that aside, we get along pretty well. And when I call her after a couple months of not keeping in touch, it's like we left off just yesterday. Back when we'd go on walks and only speak spanish. Or go to the basketball game because the players were hot, and not because we really liked basketball. Or when Melissa taught me to drive stick shift and I insisted on taking the corners on two wheels because I was too scared to downshift. Because that's what it's like with best friends.

Congratulations Meliss! I love you and I so wish that I could be there today. Hugs to you and D.