Monday, October 12, 2009

The Little Egg

We have officially joined the land of egg producers . Yes, we have EGGS!! We're pretty sure Winnie is our egg layer and so far she had produced two small, oddly shaped eggs.

Last evening Chris, my dad, Uncle Eric and I were working outside. The girls were making a huge ruckus because we'd been working on the interior of the coop and they were stuck outside. It was getting dark and they typically troop into the coop and settle down for the night promptly at dusk. Instead, they were stuck in the chilly evening air whilst we labored away in the shed. They were quite vocal in their displeasure. Finally, the cackling became so loud that I went round to have a look and tell them to pip down. I immediately spotted a white-ish blog laying in the bottom of the run. It was warm and soft and looked like a golf ball. Our first egg.

This morning we constructed a nice comfy nesting box for the girls. It'll be interesting to see if the shape and size of the eggs change over time. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. But it would be helpful to have the girls work on their shell thickness..this one was a bit on the fragile side. Pictures to come soon!