Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fall Weather and Christmas Goodies

Halloween is finished, heralding the start of the holiday season in our household. Christmas music now plays nightly (!) on the ipod and we've turned to the creature comforts of fuzzy hats and hot cider. And chocolate. Of course. For the past several years I've faithfully stuck to Ghirardelli's chocolate truffle recipe, dipping the hard centers in nuts, cocoa, and milk chocolate. And they didn't disappoint. A dime-sized slice of chocolately heaven. But this year, I'm trying a new recipe:This recipe has sweetened condensed milk and a combination of bittersweet and semisweet chocolates.
And I'm trying new toppings. The most exotic? Sea salt.
So far, so good. I ate about half of the chocolate centers before they even made it to the dipping stage. So that's a good sign. I'm trying them out on some folks for dinner tomorrow night; hopefully with good results.

We've had a few gloriously crisp days this Autumn, interspersed among the soggy ones.

Cold doesn't seem to bother our pup.

Nor does frigid water, apparently.

Going for glory.

What's a little cold water when there are ducks to be chased?