Sunday, November 08, 2009


Our flight on British Airways went through London before heading south to Johannesburg. Big surprise. What was fantastic though, was that we had a 9 hour layover each way. We zipped into Heathrow, took a shower, and headed into the city.

I won't lie: we did all the touristy London things.

Several hours later, after exploring museums, strolling through parks, and dinner with Chris Busch, we headed back to the airport and on to the next leg of our journey.

For the record, I would like to take up residence in the BA lounge at Terminal 5. It was heaven-sent: free food, showers, alcohol and massages. And not necessarily in that order.

A person could get used to that fairly quickly.

Off to Africa!

Ok, I cheated a bit on these pictures: I combined photos from both of our layovers in London into one blog post. You can tell by looking at Chris: on our way to Africa, he's already started cultivating the facial hair; on our way home, the fuzz is gone.
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