Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seattle Egyptians

My dad, the engineer, is always looking for a good excuse to break out the pulleys and various come-along devices he has stowed in his voluminous garage. Several months ago we unearthed from the sea of ivy a set of concrete steps that originally led up to a large shed. One of the former owners of the home sent us a few pictures a while back and you can just see the steps leading up to the shed. The old greenhouse (which was a stunning structure) can be seen to the left (and is the location and foundation of our present-day chicken coop).
Anyway, the wooden shed has long since succumbed to the elements and we were scratching our heads as to what we should do with this handy set of stairs. Which were no longer in a handy location, given the demise of the shed. Enter my dad.
Hey! This looks like a job for my pulleys!
Out came the tackle. And the skids (hence the pyramid-building Egyptian reference). And the breaker bar.
Chris took one look and wisely retreated back to his bathroom remodeling project.
I played with the chickens. And provided some stair-moving assistance.
And somehow, we inched that sucker 100 feet south* and maneuvered it into place between the upper and lower lawns.

Hooray for the nifty come-along. Well done, Papa.

*It's possible that 100 feet might be a little bit of an exaggeration. 75 feet might be a wee bit more accurate. Or maybe 50 feet. Who's counting, anyway?!