Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Fish Pond Pot and Our Tough Fish

On a good day, our fish pond pot looks like this:

Last week, after several long days of below freezing temperatures, it looked like this:
This was after I'd taken a hammer to the 5 inches of ice on the surface. And after pressure from the ice had cracked the pot, leaving a very small amount of rapidly freezing water at the very bottom.

I was sure that our two fish hadn't survived.

But there, from the very, very bottom, I found them. Still kicking. er, swimming.
I don't know what kind they are, but when we picked their great grand-daddies out at the fish store 15 years ago, the lady called them 'toughies'. How appropriate.


  1. So I'm curious as to how long your chicken tolerated the Holiday headgear? :)


  2. About 1.5 seconds. ;) They were pretty creative in trying to shake it loose. The photography session ended abruptly when Phoebe hurled her hat into a fresh pile of chicken manure. The dog is much more resigned to my shenanigans, the chickens? Not so much...