Wednesday, December 09, 2009


You may have noticed that my blog posts have been few and far between lately. This website and I have a bit of a cyclic relationship. Occasionally I'll have lots of material and will produce a plethora of new posts. Other days...not so much. Frankly, things have been pretty quiet around here. We're just trying to survive this freezing cold weather.

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving that I never got around to posting.
It's a tradition in our household to make apple pies on Thanksgiving morning. We have a whole crew of helpers:
Well, they helped for a while. And then turned to more important matters.
Thanksgiving is more than just making awesome pies.

Maia is turning into a master baker. We had her and my dad to thank for the pie crusts.
Later, things calmed down a bit. Time for some serious eating.
This was pretty much Bailey's position for the entire day. He was thankful for the nice warm fire.
So was grandpa.

All in all, it was a very nice day and as always, I am reminded how very lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.