Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Working Off Those Thanksgiving Calories

On Sunday we headed east for a nice hike in the rain forest. This was my first time at Twin Falls and it did not disappoint.
Bailey is back in training with his pack. Like the rest of us, he has grown a bit soft as of late.
The padres. My dear sweet padres.
Humph. A Sonja with a 'j' would never stoop to defacing public property. Shame on you Sonia. Or is it Sqnta? Whatever your name is, this is a gross display of bad manners.
snack time. Who knew? Bailey likes trail mix.
Finally, a peek at the falls.
And home we go.

Bailey was thrilled to be back hiking. He was so happy that he even consented to follow a few commands.

What is it with dogs in freezing water? It's making me cold just thinking about it.