Monday, January 25, 2010

Projects: Front Room Demo

This is probably way more detail than you're interested in but things here in the J Household have been revolving around this not-so-exciting project so it's pretty much all I have to blog about.

May I present...

The Front Room Closet Removal Project

We have a lovely bedroom that is at the front of our house.

It has a giant closet.

Bigger than we need

So one day several weeks ago, with the help of our faithful pup,

we decided to remove it.

Chris got down to work,

removing the door and wooden frame.
Took it right down to the plaster wall.
And then we had the brilliant idea of disposing of all the construction debris by throwing it out the window
Saves on having to carry all it down the stairs
Heave ho. Look out below.
And here is where that board smashed into the living room window...
No, not really. We hoisted the longer pieces out by hand and then threw them onto the lawn from the deck.
Our neighbors thought we were nuts.
But that left us with the plaster wall.
It was like a giant room divider
Time to buckle down and get serious:
Taking out plaster is actually kind of fun
But really, really messy work
And dusty.
But I found that I'm pretty good at destroying things.
Did I mention the dust?
It was everywhere.
I'm pretty good at throwing things out the window too.
It's the best part about cleanup.
Initially we weren't going to take this shelf down since I store our sheets, towels, and misc. bath stuff here
But this is the only large, non-sloping wall in the entire room, hence one of the only places for a bed headboard or a dresser
So it had to go
But look at all this lovely space!
What a sweet little room
Eh, obviously we have a lot of patching to do. And some floor work. But we're still working on the deconstruction part; we'll leave the hard put-it-back-together work until we're done making a demolition mess.