Friday, January 29, 2010

Slips, Anyone?

I was cruising through Martha Stewart the other day and discovered these sweet little slippers
Aha! I said to myself, finally, a sewing project that is at my skill level. 
I can trace a design onto felt. 
and cut out a pattern, no problem. 
I can even pin things together pretty well. 
They look kind of funny pinned together, but that's ok. 
See? Even a row of nice straight pins.
It's the sewing part I worry about. A shame, too, since I have such a beautiful sewing machine. I should really learn how to use it properly.
We had a few many false starts..

But eventually I turned out a few good pairs. Just don't examine them too closely.
And don't try to put them on Bailey. I already tried that. He's not a fan.

Find the template for sizing your slippers here.


  1. You are so funny Sonja! Our sewing machine is from like the 40's. Frank is WAY better at using it then I am. :-)

  2. Liana2:12 PM

    lol I use to put old socks on my black lab when I was a kid. we had tiled floors, so he would slip and slide. I was so mean. (my mom was mean too 'cause she didn't stop any of this and would often join in.) I also put my old undies on him with a tail hole cut out - I don't recommend that either... :-)